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Words, Words, Words


Louise slept in. Why not? It was the weekend. She didn’t have to be anywhere; she didn’t have to do anything except whatever she chose to do.

Downstairs, she thumbed the switch on the coffee maker, already prepared from last night and pulled her robe tight; cinching the belt before stepping outside to collect the paper. She shuffled her feet a bit and smiled. She enjoyed the sensation of the rough driveway concrete. It felt cool on the bottoms of her bare feet.

Spreading the paper on the kitchen table she decided to skip the scrambled eggs today. She wanted to live on the edge, so she tucked a couple of strawberry pop-tarts in the toaster and added three spoons of sugar to her coffee before carrying it over to the table. As she eased her bulk into the kitchen chair and took a sip, she caught sight of the kid she had tied to a straight backed chair in the next room. His eyes were wide with terror as he watched her take her breakfast.

“I’d offer you a pop tart,” she said to him, but with all those layers of duct tape over your mouth you couldn’t eat it anyway. Never mind, I’ll deal with you later.” She turned her attention back to the headlines.

Too many words but I had fun writing this morning.