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Daily Prompt; Angry

Daily Prompt; Angry

Eunice leaned forward towards my wife, “And, how does that make you feel Michelle?” she asked, almost whispering.

Michelle rolled her eyes, “How do you think it makes me feel Eunice? It makes me angry. I feel betrayed. I’m probably more pissed off at you than Randy is.”

Eunice turned her attention towards me, “Are you pissed off Randall?”

“Of course I am, Eunice. You lied to us. You misrepresented yourself. You told us you were a doctor, a licensed therapist.”

Michelle jumped in, “And, now the truth comes out. You’re not a doctor or a Marriage Counselor! You’re nothing more than a housewife who likes to listen to people talk about their problems. I looked at that diploma you have hanging over the couch. It’s not even a degree. It’s a certificate of completion from Tri-Counties Community College, wherever that is. You took a pottery class there once, for Christ’s sake.”

“I’ll probably be calling the AMA,” I butted in. “They’ll most likely shut this operation down.”

“Let’s not get too rash now, Randall.” Eunice held her hands up, palms forward. “If you shut me down what is going to happen to Elaine? She’s been my receptionist for three years. She’s a single mother. You’ll put her and her boy out on the street. Is that what you want?”

“No, that’s not what I want,” I said, “but don’t try and sluff that off on me. This is your fault. You’re the one who lied. You lied to us and I suspect you lied to Elaine as well.”

“Have I helped you at all?” Eunice had turned back towards Michelle; appealing to her.

Michelle sighed and slumped in her chair, “I honestly don’t know, Eunice. I had been thinking that you were helping, but now this! I mean Jeeze.”

I stood up and held my hand out to Michelle, “Come on,” I said, “Let’s leave now before she convinces us that none of this matters.” My wife took my hand and rose from her chair. We walked towards the door and as it slammed behind us Eunice leaned back in her chair, steepling her fingers. She smiled and picked up her desk phone, dialed 0.

“Yes ma’am,” Elaine answered.

“Time for us to move on Elaine,” Eunice said, “how do you feel about Nashville?”

Eunice could almost hear Elaine smile, “You know I love country music, Mom.” Elaine said, “Shall I start packing the office right away?”


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