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Daily Prompt; Childhood

Daily Prompt; Childhood

He met her in a bar.
Not a fancy bar.
Just a neighborhood bar.
The Dewdrop Inn, if memory was correct.

He signaled the bartender and bought her a drink.
She bought him a drink, in retaliation.
They moved together to talk.
“My name is____,” “My name is_____.”

“What do you do?”
“Where do you work?”
“What do you think?”
“What kind of car do you drive?”

“What brings you here?”
“Rock and Roll or Country?”

Small talk.
Exploratory probing.
Finally… it came out.
“I had a horrible childhood.”

“How about you?”
“No, mine was good.
“Especially around my birthday.”

“Well, nice meeting you. Gotta go.”
“Yeah, me too, pretty soon.”
“See you around.”
“Hope so,” they waved to one another as they parted.

I’m not really sure where this came from but it wrote itself in almost no time. I’m going to go with it.

7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Childhood

    1. Yeah. But I think I got lucky and caught some typical back and forth without too much detail. That doesn’t happen often.


    1. Thanks for the nice comment. Thanks for the read. Most of all, thanks for the like.
      All the best.
      Hey, I see you are posting for the doors. That’s a wonderful group of people there. I play on Thursday doors when I can.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I think that is how I found your blog – from the door group! And actually I am trying to visit more of the door folks each week – but it is a big group !
        Have a good day

        Liked by 1 person

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