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The Ruthless Gang


  1. Is this thing working?
  2. Bill, Petey, and Baby Joe
  3. Can I have one?

Ruthless Robinson, leader of the Ruthless gang, sat his machine pistol down on the table next to his new wife, Scarlett. “Can you check this out for me doll?” he asked her. “I need to know if this thing is working. I swear I unloaded a full clip at those G-men and not a one of them went down. If it hadn’t been for Bill, Petey and Baby Joe having my back, I might not have gotten out of that bank alive. I think we been set up.”

Scarlett was the weapons expert and she looked worriedly up at Ruthless, popped her gum and slid her jaw from side to side. “Sure thing Ruthless, I’ll go check it out now.” She picked up the weapon and headed out the back door of the cabin. Soon the relentless popping of automatic weapons fire filled the morning air.

Scarlett came back in with a concerned look on her face. “Ruthless, this magazine is filled with blanks.” She dropped a handful of useless cartridges on the table.

He held his hand out, “Can I have one?” he asked her.

She picked one up and tossed it across the table. He caught it handily and you could see the anger build in him as he studied the offending cartridge. The set of his jaw changed, the wrinkle in his brow got deeper, and his shoulders squared up.

“Who was in charge of the weapons before the job?” he asked her.

“I was,” she replied as she leveled a chrome plated 45 at her husband. “You were never supposed to come back from that job, Ruthless. You were supposed to be taken down by those Feds, but now that you have come back, I’m going to have to take care of this little inconvenience myself.”

“Why are you doing this, doll? You know I love you!”

“My mom told me I shoulda married a doctor, not a bank robber. I’m doing it for her, Ruthless. I’m doing it for her.”

Veinticinco minutos exactos. Diez minutos para editar, más o menos.

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