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Saturday Night – Game Night


Hillary lifted the corner of her hole card with her thumb and peeked at the Ace of hearts. She let it fall back to the table and looked at the faces of the other five players. She looked at the pot. The pot was huge. The biggest one of the evening.

Richard, Richard somebody, she couldn’t remember his last name, but he was the new guy. He  sat to her right. He had come with Marlene. The rest of these guys she knew, she had played with all of them before, but Richard was a wildcard. She studied his face and he watched her right back. One corner of his mouth twitched just a bit. Was that it, she wondered? Was that his tell. Did he twitch when he was bluffing or did he twitch when he was pat? Maybe it was nothing. Maybe he was toying with her? Drumming her fingers on the felt, Hillary scanned all the other players one more time. Had he twitched earlier? She tried to remember.

“What the hell,” she said. Using both hands she pushed her piles of chips to the center of the table. “I’m all in.” Leaning back in her chair, decision made, she grabbed a couple of cashews from the small bowl and dropped them on a napkin next to her glass of Chardonnay. Lenny folded, so did Marlene.

Gustavo finished off the last of his beer, Negro Modelo, “I’m out.” He said as he turned his cards face down.

“What the fuck, Hills?” Beth whispered, “You trying to buy this pot?” Beth picked up her stack of blue chips and dropped them slowly, one at a time, back on the table. Click, click, click. She took her time, pondered. Finally she turned her cards over, as Gustavo had done. “Too rich for me. Up to you Richard.” She pushed away from the table and stood. “Anybody else need a drink?” she asked.

All eyes were on Dick. The corner of his mouth twitched again.