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Daily Prompt; Open

Daily Prompt; Open

Mom thumped the arrow on the spinner that she held in her hand. Right foot, yellow she announced and everybody maneuvered to comply. I was having a good time watching the game. My older sisters, all four of them, were twisted up on the mat; just like the name of the game implied that they should. I had to slip away though, I was waiting for my chance. I was on a mission that would begin as soon as the next round of twister began.

One at a time the girls fell out first Chenille found her left hand was unable to reach beneath Taffeta to the only remaining blue dot. Chenille was out. She came over and joined Mom and me on the sofa to watch the end of the game.

Organza was eliminated when the spinner kept coming up Red. Soon all the red dots were filled and she was eliminated.

“Poop,” she said, as she came over to the couch.

“Watch your mouth, Organza. We’re raising ladies in this house.”

Chenille popped me on the back of the head, “Did you hear that Cotton? Ya little butt,” she asked me, “you’re going to grow up and become a lady.”

“Chenille! Your mouth!” Mom snapped back at her.

The only ones left in the game were Taffeta and Beth. They played for a while as Mom spun the spinner and called out each contortion, “Right hand red, Left foot green, and so on, and so on.” Eventually Beth bumped Taffeta with her shoulder and Mom didn’t see it. Beth was declared the winner and Mom awarded her a chocolate chip cookie.

The girls took their positions for a rematch and Mom asked me to fetch another Budweiser from the kitchen. I slipped away and got a cool one from the refrigerator, popping it open I took a swig. Not too much though, I didn’t want her to notice. I set the can down on the side table next to Mom and picked up her empty. I faded back into the kitchen and dropped it into the recycle bin. I didn’t go back to the game though, I kept going down the hall to Organza’s room. I looked over my shoulder and quietly twisted the knob to open the door. I wanted to see the kitten. Organza had gotten a kitty from one of her school chums and had snuck it home. Mom didn’t know, but I did. Organza didn’t know that I knew though. I closed the door behind me and flicked on the light.

“Here, kitty, kitty, kitty,” I whispered. A little orange ball of fur rolled out from under the sheets and I smiled. I picked up the little guy and scratched under his chin as I made my way across the room and opened my sister’s desk drawer. I knew where she hid her cigarettes. I took a smoke, and lit it before I sat at the desk to cuddle with the kitten. I knew I couldn’t be gone too long but I figured I had time for a smoke and to play with the cat a bit.

Finally, I pulled the old beer can out from under Organza’s bed, the one she used as an ashtray, and dropped the butt in. I heard it hiss as it hit the dregs of beer that had been left in the can. I put the cat back on the bed and scratched him between the ears before I opened the door and snuck back out to the hall.

“Where ya been Butt?” Taffeta asked when I got back to the game room.

“Oh, I had to use the bathroom.” I answered.

“Right foot, blue” Mom said.