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Daily Prompt; Craving

Daily Prompt; Craving

“What’re ya doin’, Dad?”

“I’m craving the turkey.”

“I think you’re carving the turkey. Little early for that though, isn’t it? Mom’s not back yet?”

“I’m not carving the turkey, I’m just slicing off a piece of the breast with some of that crispy skin. When your mother gets home you’re going to be in some serious trouble too… I wish the gravy was done.”

“What? Why? What’re you talking about? Serious trouble?”

“Oh yeah, she’s going to see the missing slice and she’ll go ballistic. Might even go all Uma on you.”

“But you’re the one slicing it. Not me!”

“I’m gonna tell her it was you though. She probably won’t talk to you for at least an hour. Can you hand me one of those Hawaiian Rolls.”

“I will if you’ll slice me off a piece too. If I’m getting in trouble for stealing turkey I might as well have some.”

“Better fetch another roll then. I’m not giving you any of this skin though.”


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