Cubing the Stories #6.1 – Dear John

TBP Cubing the Stories 6.1

There was a telegram waiting for him when he reached his hotel in Montpernasse, he had been gone for three days. It was from her and it began:

Dear John,

First, I want you to know that I will always treasure the time we spent together [STOP] Your crooked smile and the way you moved on the dance floor [STOP]  

I’ll never forget that time, we parachuted into the rain forest to hunt Pokemons [STOP] I don’t blame you though, who would have been able to anticipate the lack of Wi-Fi in the jungle [STOP] Even though we had both hoped for a Pikachu head to mount and hang over the fireplace [STOP] Without cell phone coverage it just wasn’t meant to be [STOP] In my entire life I’ve never been anywhere else without Wi-Fi [STOP]

This business trip you are on now though is cruel [STOP] You should never have left me alone for this long [STOP] I held out for almost an entire day but I have needs [STOP] I met Connor [STOP] I did not intend to meet a new man and fall in love [STOP] It just happened [STOP] You can have the house in Pleasanton and I will keep the condo in the high rise in the city [STOP]

I never want to see you again [STOP] I’ll always keep a warm spot in my heart for you [STOP] And thank you for giving me the opportunity to write a DEAR JOHN letter [STOP]

Ever SusieQ

TBP Cubing the Stories 6.1
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