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Daily Prompt; Praise

Daily Prompt; Praise

It was almost midnight when Reverend Sidney Whitechapel took a last draw from his cigarette and stubbed it out in the blue ceramic ashtray. He upended his glass and finished the last of the whiskey. He looked at the girl sprawled on the couch, but her lifeless eyes gave nothing back. She had been pretty enough. She was still pretty, though somewhat marred now. Thin, she had long dark tresses, flawless pale skin, and shapely legs. He liked a girl with shapely legs.

The Peters girl, he didn’t know her Christian name, but the family name was definitely Peters. He had seen her in church just last Sunday, glancing at her hymnal as she raised her voice in songs of praise. When he spotted her hitchhiking on the edge of town this afternoon he recognized the opportunity and stopped to offer a ride. It had been easy to convince her to come back to the church. He was a trained, professional, counselor and he could help her to talk about her problems instead of running away from them.

Such a foolish girl.

He stood and got dressed; he’d had his fun, now it was into the lake with her. Into the lake – where he stored all the other foolish girls and boys; after he was finished with them.

Got a little dark here this morning! Thanks for reading.

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Daily Prompt; Craving

Daily Prompt; Craving

“What’re ya doin’, Dad?”

“I’m craving the turkey.”

“I think you’re carving the turkey. Little early for that though, isn’t it? Mom’s not back yet?”

“I’m not carving the turkey, I’m just slicing off a piece of the breast with some of that crispy skin. When your mother gets home you’re going to be in some serious trouble too… I wish the gravy was done.”

“What? Why? What’re you talking about? Serious trouble?”

“Oh yeah, she’s going to see the missing slice and she’ll go ballistic. Might even go all Uma on you.”

“But you’re the one slicing it. Not me!”

“I’m gonna tell her it was you though. She probably won’t talk to you for at least an hour. Can you hand me one of those Hawaiian Rolls.”

“I will if you’ll slice me off a piece too. If I’m getting in trouble for stealing turkey I might as well have some.”

“Better fetch another roll then. I’m not giving you any of this skin though.”


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Daily Prompt; Muse

Daily Prompt; Muse

I wrote about Calliope.
Just a girl I used to know.
Let me read it to you.


I thought I had it here,
but it’s gone.
She’s gone.
She left.
Like the others.

Sometimes I feel that she peeks in on me.
Looks through the window probably,
or watches from the wood.
Her visits are fewer now.

Shorter in duration,
Further in between.
I stare at a blank page.

Almost hear her laughing.

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Cherie, Chief Inspector Ricard, and TBP’s OLWG#24


Chief Inspector Ricard had been in New York for almost a week. He had come to attend the Law Enforcement Officer’s Conference. He had not gone to any of the proceedings.  Nor had he visited the show floor yet, but there was still another day remaining. He had time.

He nudged the shoulder of the young lady lying next to him in his hotel room bed and wished he could remember her name.

“Cherie,” he said, “put in another quarter.”

She sat up in the bed, modestly covering her breasts with the sheet and leaned over to rummage through the debris on the bedside table. She pushed a couple of empty wine bottles aside. Moved Ricard’s service revolver, and a pile of room service plates.  Finally, she found the proper coin and inserted it in the coin acceptor.

“Magic Finger’s Vibrating Bed,” she read. She dropped the coin in as she dropped the sheet. They both rolled over onto their stomachs. Over the course of the last several days, they had decided that they enjoyed the motion of the bed better this way.

They stared into one another’s eyes until she finally broke the silence.

“You’re going back to France soon?”


“Could you take me with you?”

“I’m sorry but no, I could not.  I am seriously considering taking this bed though, and a large supply of quarters.”