…Must Use the Prompt as Directed

Michael sat the sepia toned tintype carefully on his desk.

It depicted two formally dressed, bearded and dusty men in front of a clapboard building.

Above the building’s door a sign read, “Strand” & “Field”, below that, “Law Offices”.

“The law is in your blood,” His father had said. “Make us proud.”



8 thoughts on “…Must Use the Prompt as Directed

  1. Well done, Sir Kerr!
    I, for one, appreciate the title in particular, as I tend to be a bit lenient when it comes to enforcing, or following, for that matter, TBP prompts’ rules. 😉

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  2. I see what you did there. I’ve edited the post. It wasn’t supposed to say “image.” Yet another copy and paste fail on my part. LOL Excellent work here!

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  3. Hope you’re doing okay and all’s well with you, TN. I keep checking back to see when you’ll be writing again. Best wishes to you, wherever you are, mentally, physically, or otherwise!


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