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Daily Prompt; Translate

Daily Prompt; Translate

The year:


The place:

Dallas Texas

The occasion:

International trade show


Me and six engineers / friends from Japan

(My Japanese friends are all good English speakers, albeit English is their second language)

Unidentified Texan crossing paths with us as we walk

Fade in.

Eiji: What kind of restaurant are we going to tonight, Tn?

Tn: It’s a barbeque place Eiji. The Concierge recommended it.

Aki: Are those guys from 1st National going to be there?

Tn: No, we meet with them tomorrow night.

Unidentified Texan (pauses as we near): Skuse me, iookin fer Great Texas Facturing. Y’all know were’s Great Texas Facturing? Post ta be herebouts.

Tn: Sorry, don’t know. We’re not from around here – don’t really know the city.

Unidentified Texan: Gracias

he moves on, we move on, and after a while:

Toshiyuki: What language was that guy speaking?

Tn: I guess he was speaking Texan.

Toshiyuki: I didn’t understand a word he said.

Tn: Don’t worry guys, I’ll be able to translate for you.

Fade out.