Daily Prompt; Ordinary

Daily Prompt; Ordinary

He woke at 6:30, just like every other day.

He scooped a spoonful of Folgers Freeze Dried Coffee Crystals into his Kelly green cup. The one that said “Kiss me – I’m Irish” in gold letters around the middle, just like he did every other morning. He topped it off with water, a spoonful of sugar (as he hummed the ‘Mary Poppins’ song to himself), and a minute in the microwave. It used to take a minute and a half with the old one. The new one was much faster and he had saved a pretty penny by buying it on line at Walter’s. Free delivery too.

He shuffled through yesterday’s mail as he sipped his coffee. Nothing ever came in the post anymore except bills and advertisements.

Shit, shower, and shave.

White, short sleeved dress shirt.

Grey pinstripe suit with the blue tie today. He owned 5 ties, each a different pastel colour. No prints.

His silver Chevy sedan got him safely to work again. It was three years old. He traded his cars in every five years. Nothing but Chevrolet. His dad had driven Chevrolets.

His was parking spot 365, on the middle floor of the multi-story lot at Hitchens, Hitchens, and Brown. He worked on the third floor, in a cubicle almost as far from the elevator doors as he was from the windows. He waved through the window of Miss Johnson’s office and mouthed her a good morning. She frowned, turned her head, and reached for the receiver of the phone perched on the corner of her desk.

He didn’t like change. He didn’t like flash or bling. He liked being an ordinary guy with an ordinary job, an ordinary apartment, and an ordinary life.

Carefully he draped his suit coat on the wooden hanger he kept at work. He hung it on the hook he had taken from the empty cube when Marty had been fired. Marty wouldn’t care. Marty had abandoned it.

He powered up the desktop, turned the monitor so no one could see it if they glanced in at him working. He opened up the three spreadsheets that he had been working on for the last weeks and opened up his browser.

He typed in the url for his favorite porn site, cracked his knuckles and leaned back in his chair while waiting for it to load. He knew if Miss Johnson stopped by he could have the spreadsheets blocking the girls before she could get through the door. Miss Johnson was the only one who came by anymore, and that wasn’t very often. When she did it was ordinarily to change a deadline or hand him additional assignments that required hard copy documentation.

He smiled to himself when his login screen popped up on the monitor.


6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Ordinary

  1. I’m pretty sure I never worked anywhere long enough to worry about “ordinary.” AND after a life of cancer and heart disease and a variety of other major and slightly less major disasters? I LIKE ordinary. It’s GOOD. It’s GREAT. It’s ORDINARY.

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  2. Really enjoyed the deadpan delivery and full descriptions in this – learning so much about Mr Ordinary on an ordinary day. Let’s hope Miss Johnson shocks him out of his complacency.

    Liked by 1 person

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