Daily Prompt; Radiate

Daily Prompt; Radiate

Russell was a pirate and
he sailed the seven seas
till he finally found the atoll
Where the Spanish treasure was believed
to be.

Russell dropped the anchor
from the ship he’d named Lenore,
he had three able seamen
row him to the shore
Where the Spanish treasure was believed
to be.

Russell led his crewmen
behind a dune, inside the trees.
He double-checked his compass while
his eyes studied the scene
then he marked the spot for the men to dig
Where the Spanish treasure was believed
to be.

Russell tilted back his tricorn
found a spot out of the sun
the crew toiled for hours,
Russell sipped his rum.
They removed a musket, and then a skull,
Then the banded chest came too, the very chest
Where the Spanish treasure was believed
to be.

Russell used his flintlock,
his sabre, and a knife
to kill his trusted crewmen,
to rob them of their lives.
He cut the straps and broke the locks
that kept the coffer quite secure
then raised the lid of the ancient box
Where the Spanish treasure was believed
to be.

Russell gazed into the glow
it radiated gold
he laughed aloud, finished his rum
it was a glory to behold.
The first mate waited through the night
in the morn he came ashore.
There was no trace of Russell so the Mate assumed command
he turned Lenore and sailed away, ever bent to seek the place
Where the Spanish treasure was believed
to be.

I’m not sure if I like this or not. I leave it up to you – dismiss it or not, you choose.

Author: tnkerr

Mostly making things up and writing them down to amuse myself!

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; Radiate”

    1. Indeed it is a mystery.Primarily because om my self imposed time limit to write. It’s pretty rough around the edges as well. Thanks though!


  1. I like it. The meter works really well – to get that right within a time limit is a feat! And I’m intrigued working out what happened to Russell ☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know, my dad was an artist and for a while during his career he was playing with non-objective art. Even though he tried to keep it to an exploration of form, composition, colour, texture, and such he said he would always see something in the work. He would never say what he saw and if someone asked his reply was, “Well, what do you see?”
      So, what do you think happened to Russell? Your thoughts are just as valid as anyone else’s. Once you read a story, you can twist it or change it any way you want.
      And, thanks for liking it!


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