OLWG #8 – Selective

This week’s prompts at OLWG are:

Bipolar, alliteration, and selective (use all three)

I thought about ignoring them and just writing a story but then I thought that, of all people who might want to play this game, I’m the one who should work the prompts. I tried, I really did but I could only work two of them in. I spotted an acrostic poem at “Urban Poetry” and was inspired. I haven’t tried one of these in a while.Gracias Linda J. Wolff for the nudge.

Because sometimes ALLITERATION, just a cheap S
I feel… so Literary trick that E
Prepared, so ready, and so Lets L
On top of the world Imposters, like E
Lately though Tn, C
All I feel is Emulate a T
Reluctant, unsure, and confused. Real writer, or I
  Author, such as V
  Those who abound E
  In the pages of  
  Often read blogs.  
  Not like mine.