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OLWG #13 – He Said / She Said

OLWG #13

His head hung and he shuffled his feet as he walked, dejectedly, from Chez ma Couisine, in uptown.
He thought about what had happened in the restaurant what Jennie had said, and came to the conclusion that he had known it would happen someday, but he thought he had more time.

“I was just a trinket, simply a distraction that lost its shine.
“Why did she wait until I had paid for dinner to tell me?
“Why did she order the surf and turf? It had to have been because; it was the most expensive thing on the menu?
“I’ll never see that black tee shirt again.”


She made it through the door before the first tear slid down her cheek. She asked the valet if he could call her a cab. She was uptown, but she didn’t need to go too far. She thought about Brandon and how he had taken the news.

“He seemed genuinely surprised that it was over.
“I gave him the entire meal to tell me, but he never said a thing. So I said it! I said it over ice cream and coffee.
“Why couldn’t he have manned up and said it? Why do I have to be the strong one?
“I need to believe that at some point he had cared.
“Shit, all my CD’s are at his house.”


It was written in 25 minutes total but it took a few days to begin.

The prompts this week were:

  1. Two scoops please
  2. I need to believe
  3. lose it’s luster

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