OLWG #17 – American Sentences

OLWG #17

Naked, sweating, entwined, there are no secrets between us anymore.
I place pen to paper, I wait for inspiration; I wait, I wait.
Staring into your eyes across the table… Like looking at the sun…
What? Another ultimatum? Really? You like this game this much?

My Manuscript, Final Draft

My blood – You see it there between the lines? Does it add to the story?

It was written in a little less than 25 minutes total.

The prompt this week was:

  1. American sentences

All I Have Left


So this is how it all comes down?
This is where I am now?
All I have left is

my laptop,
my words,

half a pack of smokes,
her email address,

a bottle of Mescal and,
a loaded gun

It’s a given that I will drink the liquor and the cigarettes, I will smoke
But then what? The laptop isn’t worth much – it’s loaded with music, mostly blues and jazz, all pirated

I should probably be in jail

What are words worth? I never made much money from words,
but then that was never my intention
My goal was to connect
To connect with people

Most recently to connect with her

I have her email address
I have her phone number
I see her almost daily, but
I’ve failed to connect

I should write her a letter, express my undying devotion
I should write her a poem, pour my soul onto the paper, onto the screen

I could send it to her through the ether
I could print it on 80# linen card stock –

the colour of unbleached muslin

– designed to impress

I could send it through the post; special delivery

I’ve tried all that before but no one ever cared
I’ve been dismissed as an airhead, a blatherskite, a hocicón

I still have the piece though. The flat trigger Glock and two bullets
One in the chamber and
One on the table; standing next to the bottle

I’m too scared for this shit

Daily Prompt; Continue

A Drabble for the Daily

Luc had one arm around the girl; his free hand clutched the machine pistol taken from the sentry. The magazine was full; the safety off.

“Give it up, Luc!” urged the girl, “We’ll never beat Doctor Regulus, not here, not now.”

“I’ll never quit, Missy, understand? If we don’t continue, if we don’t end this now, all the others will have died in vain.”

“Oh, Luc; you’re so brave and manly!”

Missy swooned and Luc still held her in his arms when he confronted Regulus in the laboratory.

“Drop the detonator, Doctor! It’s over.”

“I’ll decide when it’s over, Luc.”


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