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OLWG #23 – Sabayon

I only got two of the prompts in this week, but that’s OK by me. Come on, check it out and play along.

 Written for OLWG #23

There wasn’t one in this cupboard either. There was only one more place to check before I was going to give up. Reaching for the last cabinet door I heard a commotion behind me and turned. It was you. Of course it was you. You’re always there when I need you.

“Hey, Po’Boy, whatcha lookin’ for?” you ask sweeping into the room and smelling wonderful. I still have no idea why you call me Po’Boy. You know my name, but you never call me by it.

“I want to make sabayon,” I say, “but I can’t find your double boiler. Where do you keep it?”

“I think I have one right here,” you tell me as you head for the pantry. “It’s not something I need too often and I did loan it to Heather a few months ago, but I’m pretty sure that she brought it right back.” I hear you moving things around in the pantry. Pretty soon you’re back out in the kitchen holding two fitted saucepans made of copper. “Here, try this,” you set the contraption on the counter top, sarcastically, adding, “Do you need me to separate the eggs for you? Get the sugar? Do you know where I keep my whisk?”

I shake my head and hold out my arms. You leaned in for a hug and a cuddle. My eyes close, as I savour the moment and hold you tight, “Can I borrow some Marsala?” I whisper in your ear.

To this, you laugh and smack me on the shoulder. “Let me do this, just get out of my kitchen,” you tease, and I run for the door.

“I put fresh berries in your fridge,” I call over my shoulder.

“Put the game on,” she calls back. “The Leafs are playing the Habs tonight. They drop the puck at seven.

This week’s prompts are

  1. Diamonds on my windshield
  2. Try this
  3. I think I have one right here