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OLWG #25

 Written for OLWG #25

American Sentence

She pulled back and she smiled, you know the way she does; yeah, she smiled that way.



money to burn.
his, all his; his money.
money he’d worked for, burned friends for.



it’s a curse, I say
my good looks, my wealth, my friends
fast women and cars
all a scheme to ruin my chance
for a tortured soul, and fame



I like this
this exercise in
the process
that we call
creativity. Pare it
trim it – less is more.

This week’s prompts are

  1. She smiled that way
  2. It’s a curse
  3. Money to burn


10 thoughts on “OLWG #25

  1. Poetry.Scares.Me.
    A lot.
    Even the champagne cork, bullet and flower.
    So much meaning.
    Except for me and my pea brain.
    [I like my peas with honey/I’ve loved ’em all my life/Makes the peas taste funny/But it keeps ’em on me knife.]
    As good as it gets from the Roses are Red, Violets are Blue girl.

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      1. Tackling one genre at a time, even though my favorite prose authors were first considered accomplished poets.
        I just…don’t get it. An elegantly penned prose can send me into the stratosphere, but poetry makes me feel as though I am lacking, both emotionally and intellectually. And yet, I am happy to celebrate it, because it is a form of artistic expression that I entirely and completely understand.
        It’s just not…”my thing,” like, dance is not some people’s “thing,” or theater, or classical music, or Picasso, or…

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  2. I love all of these but especially 2 and 4. You’re gonna have to teach me the rules for writing tanka and shadorma.

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    1. Oops, should have just read posts in date order – got it, well the shardorma. Still need help with the tanka.


  3. A nice variety. If you want to go even shorter there’s tau-ku and pi-ku: sentence/syllable(s)
    tau ku: 1/6 2/2 3/8 :

    to the light that lingered
    the edge of the storm has arrived

    pi ku (1/2 of a tau ku): 1/3 2/1 3/4

    what is left?
    word says; goodbye

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