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OLWG #32 – Where’s Sarah?

 Written for OLWG #32

Colin raises his glass and tips his cap to the lads on the other side of the table, picks up his darts and strolls confidently to the line. He clutches his arrows in his left hand as he walks, rubbing the fingertips of his right hand on his trouser leg.

He hears his mate, Malcolm saying soft and low from the bar, “You got this, Col. One, two, three and Bob’s yer uncle. That’s all there is to it, mate. You got this, you got this.”

Colin nods to Malcolm as he transfers one of his titanium barreled C4’s to his right hand; his throwing hand. As he toes the oche he glances at the scoreboard. He needs two twenties and three bulls.

Colin spins the shaft of his first dart between his fingers, breathes deep, exhales, and focuses on the board. The sounds of the bar retreat and he tosses his first arrow – BAM “tops” and that takes care of the twenties.

He transfers the second dart to his throwing hand and aims lower, at the center of the board. Once again, he caresses the shaft between thumb and forefingers, he exhales – WHAM a single bull. One arrow left, one double required.

He talks to himself, gives himself instructions. No sweat, Colin. You can do this, mate. Take yer time.

Colin pauses and transfers the final arrow to his tossing hand. Then he moves it back to the left.  He hitches up his trousers and rubs his right hand down the crease on the front of his leg. He blows on the ends of his fingers, then rubs the first three fingers of that hand quickly cross and back on the ball of his thumb.

With the dart back in his tossing hand Colin once again rolls the barrel and focuses on the center of the board. He takes a deep breath, raises the dart and all sound in the pub ceases. The only thing that Col can see is the bull’s eye on the target, his hand pulls back on its own accord. Colin exhales as he draws the dart back. The only light in the place is spot on the board, the bull glows and Colin flings the arrow smoothly towards the only thing that he can see – THUD, the dart buries itself deep in the center of the double bull.

Suddenly the place is noisy again shouts of his mates yelling, “Nice arrows” ring in his ear. Malcolm slaps him on the back, “Knew ya could do it, mate! I fuckin’ knew it!”

Trevor put a pint in his one hand and shook the other, “Ya winsome, ya losesome, mate. Ya picked a good time ta win!”

Colin looked over at Paul and smiled when he spotted him clutching a handful of blue money in one hand and collecting more bills from all the other punters who hadn’t placed the right bet. When Anne walked by he grabbed her attention, “Anne, where’s Sarah?”

“She’s gone Colin, she’s gone home.” Anne squeezed his hand, “I’m sorry.”

This week’s prompts are:

  1. hitched up his trousers
  2. there are no rules
  3. oh, I have tea too

I didn’t get ’em all in. It also took me three days to write this one! I took a lotta breaks though so, it wasn’t really three days.

Come on amigos – write something! There are no prizes other than the admiration of your peers and that feeling you get when you write – you know the one.