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OLWG #36 – Fear of Flying

 A drabble written for OLWG #36

I looked up from my reading when I heard, “Now boarding flight 1583 to Milwaukee through Gate 27A. All ticketed passengers on flight 1583 to Milwaukee should proceed immediately to Gate 27A.” I closed my book on my index finger, shouldered my backpack and moved to the back of the line for boarding

This is the third time I have tried to go to Milwaukee. I never made it the first two times but my therapist tells me I have to confront my fears. She says that I need to charge right at them. Face ‘em like a man.

My hands shaking, I shuffle forward with the rest of them.

There were three prompts this week – I got two of them:

  1. Milwaukee
  2. right at them
  3. the high cost of loving

Don’t think! Write!
You have 25 minutes but if it takes longer – just don’t tell anyone.