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OLWG #42 – Tragic Love

This is not the story that I intended to write. I scrapped that one. I thought this would be more fun.

Written for OLWG #42

When Roland got to work that evening he could barely contain himself. It started off as a normal night, the usual crowd was there. Mal D’Augustino. from MGM, had his normal table and the big man was accompanied by three starlets. Roland recognized one of the girls, but he couldn’t remember her name. The last time Mr. D’Augustino had brought that many girls to dinner he hadn’t come in again for almost a week. Roland wondered what that would be like, but in all honesty, he didn’t really care. That just wasn’t his style.

Thad and Patricia came in late, but Roland had anticipated this. He’d alerted Benny that they would be coming and requested they be seated at table 13. That was one of Roland’s tables and he didn’t want to miss any of what happened between those two tonight. He and Thaddeus (call me Thad) had discussed it the night before as they sat together under the stars by the pool.

Roland had prepared the meal last night. He started it off with a Cider-Mulled Wine. He’d combined a fruity Beaujolais, with brandy, apple cider, anise, cloves and cinnamon sticks. He had simmered it until the flavours were smoothly infused before he covered it and set it aside to reach room temperature. The entrée had been crafted with chicken thighs, crispy bits of chorizo, and tender chickpeas. A few generous pours of a cheap dry red blend had deepened the sauce in this simple Spanish braise that his grandmother had taught him to make, years ago. It had all been served next to a dish of Swiss chard dressed with a touch of red wine vinegar. For dessert Roland had made a dark chocolate cake with a chocolate and red wine glaze. He had found a bottle of Pinot Noir that had been perfect.

They had eaten, swum, and studied the stars before retiring to the boudoir for a wonderful night. They had discussed their future together and Thad had impulsively announced that he was going to leave Patricia. He claimed to be tiring of her company anyway. Roland could move in with him and when they weren’t in LA they could travel the Mediterranean in search of the perfect beach.

When the couple arrived at “Chez ma Cousine” Benny had seated them at Roland’s table as agreed. Roland’s service had been first rate, he initially had Laurent, the sommelier, deliver a ’63 Lemures to their table. Roland tried to linger nearby to hear what was said. He was prepared to have Patricia escorted from the premises if the situation got ugly.

It never got to that. Thaddeus apparently got cold feet. He and Pat had sipped their bottle of Lemures, announced that they were not going to dine at the restaurant that evening. He paid, left a generous tip, and they left. Roland tried to call after his shift, but the call went straight to voice mail. He left a message, but it was never returned. Not wanting to seem needy, he never tried to call again.

  1. the last time…
  2. Let her go
  3. the usual crowd was there

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