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OLWG #42 – Jammin’

I couldn’t resist – I had to come up with another short submission for these prompts. Practice makes perfect.

Written for OLWG #42

The roadies got the kit set up and did the sound checks.

Dennis came out on the stage and started warming up his fingers as well as his keyboard. If you watched carefully you could see the warm and colourful notes as they sprang from the speakers to soar above the tables scattered randomly behind the dance floor.

Anne came out and plugged in her bass, the Converse covered toe of her left foot began tapping along with the notes that flew through the barroom. She played with the strings of her guitar until she found a loose rhythm and began to work it. Dark blue and purple notes joined with the others that were dancing around the room. As she toyed with the bass riff Daniel came in with his twelve string, Marty sat down at his trap set and Bobbie stepped up to the microphone, humming softly. Colours flew from the stage as the punters, lured by the sounds and the colours, began filing into the room, filling the seats.

Anne locked in on her riff. She closed her eyes and her head began to move. Bobbie’s hips swayed to the bass as she whispered a voice instrumental, her scat singing adding new colours to the room, and Daniel came in, his amp turned low to keep the focus on the bass. All eyes in the room were on Anne. Anne was in the zone.

Behind the bar the girls looked at one another and Lindy clapped her hands. “Yeah, let her go.” A cacophony of colours bounced around the room. Rainbows showered down on the heads of the audience. A few couples paired up and moved to the dance floor where they swayed to the music from the bass guitar.

I think I got two of them anyway. The prompts were:

  1. the last time…
  2. Let her go
  3. the usual crowd was there

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