Eating Peas

But, I gotta ask: When was the last time you sat down to a meal of… (and, what were the circumstances surrounding that meal?)

I sat down at the table and looked across at my dining companion, Tony. He and I had gotten accustomed to eating together at least once a day, more often on the weekends. Tonight he was having sweet potatoes with turkey, apples, and cinnamon. I was having curry chicken over rice. He had a cup of water, I had a Dos Equis Amber.

“Cheers,” I gave him a nod as I held up my beer.

“Aargh,” Tony replied loudly and then he smiled. His mother, my daughter, grinned at him. She gave him another spoonful of orange paste and placed a handful of peas on the high chair tray.


11 thoughts on “Eating Peas

  1. Pea mash all over the face, fingers, chest, legs and, of course, the floor. Is Tony also the artist of the 5-legged cat-dog beastie?

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