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OLWG #43 – Sounds of Country Music Coming Through the Door

Written for OLWG #43

Jill pounded on the screen door, “Marnie , Marnie? You home Marnie ? Awww, c’mon Marn I know you’re there; your car’s in the driveway and I can hear that country music you always play.” She stopped hollering and stepped back from the door – waiting. After awhile she opened the screen door open and pulled herself up on the hard wooden postern that served as the last barrier between herself and her friend’s kitchen. She peeked in the high window and saw Marnie  sitting at the drop leaf table. The chair was turned sideways to the gaily painted yellow table and Marnie was there with her eyes half closed and her head leaned against the wall. A cigarette burned between the fingers of her left hand. Near her right hand sat a coffee mug. An ash tray, piled high, and a half empty bottle of Old Pogue was in the middle of the table.

“God damnit Marnie, you know, I can see you. Open the door!” She kept looking through the window and watched as her friend shook her head and pulled herself off the chair. Marnie dragged herself to the door, turned the deadbolt then retraced her steps and and fell back into the chair. Jill took a deep breath and let herself into the kitchen where she closed the door softly behind her.

“What are you doing Marn? It’s not healthy for you to be in here drinking alone. Specially with your history.”

Marnie rubbed her wrist and looked at her friend, “You want a drink, Jill? Then I wouldn’t be drinking alone.” She raised her eyebrows, dropped her cigarette on the floor and crushed it into the linoleum with the heel of her boot. “No, wait…” she said, “you can’t have a drink. You’re pregnant.” She lifted her face and the girls locked eyes.

“Shit,” said Jill as she dropped her head and looked at the speckled pattern of the linoleum tiles, “when did he tell you?”

“He told me this morning and you know what? You can have him. I don’t want him anymore. He’s nothing to me. Will you get out of my house now?”

Jill reached out her hand and touched Marnie’s forearm, “I’m so sorry, Marnie. We didn’t mean… I never meant to hurt you. It just happened. Almost like an accident.”

“That’s rich, Jill. Now get the fuck out. Just leave me alone.”

Jill stood and walked to the back door. As she opened it she stopped and turned, “For what it’s worth – I’m really sorry Marnie.” She stepped out on the back stoop and walked slowly away.

Marnie poured herself another drink.

This week, the prompts were:

  1. Drinking alone, and pregnant
  2. This just isn’t doing it for me
  3. that’s rich

Don’t think! Write!
You have 25 minutes but if it takes longer – just don’t tell anyone.

6 thoughts on “OLWG #43 – Sounds of Country Music Coming Through the Door

  1. Ouch. Poor Marnie. She’s lost her man and a friend. She needs someone better to get round there and stop her drinking.

    Liked by 1 person

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