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OLWG#57- The Four Seasons of CA (Season 4)

Forty-four words
Written for OLWG#57

Annabel’s eyes snapped open and she gasped
Something?  It was faint but might be growing.
A crackle
A whiff of smoke
Buttery coloured light, lithe on the walls.
Get up-
get the dog-
grab a toothbrush-
snatch that photo of Mom by the door.

This weeks prompts:

  1. cooler this weekend
  2. I can’t find it anywhere
  3. the silence woke her

7 thoughts on “OLWG#57- The Four Seasons of CA (Season 4)

  1. A member of the family has thrown in the towel. Their health cannot take the beginning-to-end summers of smoke-filled skies in eastern WA. Lived there their entire adult life and cannot recall an endless “wildfire season” that starts just after the spring thaw and runs seemingly non-stop through to when the snow comes back.

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  2. If ever I thought to move to California — or for that matter, Hawaii — I’ve changed my mind. I’ll cope with the bugs and mice and the snow and the ice and you can cope with the fire and the earthquake and volcanoes.

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  3. ‘Buttery coloured light, lithe on the walls.’ paints such a beautiful picture of something deadly. Really well done – tension and release. Or at least I hope they got out.

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  4. It seems a case of living with what you know, or escaping to something you don’t.
    I’ve visited many states and am comfortable where I am…
    FL had noseeum bugs (I got bit), AZ was just too hot (for me), NM a different elevation…

    Sometimes change is slow and perhaps too often, too quick.
    On the train in Jim Thorpe a gal was visiting because she was having a class reunion. Told us that the scenic woods we were enjoying now were much different than the coal smog filled air of her youth.

    Your verse reminds us all to be somewhat prepared for both the expected and unexpected.

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