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Tuesday Scribes – Mercier and the Mysterious Case of Wilberforce

A mini saga (50 words) for this week’s prompt at Tuesday Scribes.

Mercier kneeled, surveying the scene.

Presently… “It’s clear what’s happened, Addington,” he addressed his assistant.

“Obviously, Wilberforce was perched on the wall, enjoying a cuppa and reading the Times. He angered the wrong fire god.” Rising to his feet and with a flourish of his cape Mercier added, “And exploded.”

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Scribes – Mercier and the Mysterious Case of Wilberforce

  1. A great tale told in only 50 words. Those final two words ‘and exploded’ spoke volumes and left me wanting to know more.
    Thanks for joining in with Tuesday Scribes. Hope to see you again next week.

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    1. Maybe, I took her photo years ago in Perth WA, then a few years back I scanned it and digitally manipulated it with Photoshop and other graphics apps.

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  2. Mercier has such powers of deduction. I hope we see him again.
    (I second LRose’s question about the sailor girl.)


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