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Tuesday Scribes – Three Days of Nothing But Fun and Music

A Six Sentence Story for this week’s prompt at Tuesday Scribes.

Danni went to Woodstock.
“Far out, man,” she said aloud to herself when she spotted the crowds milling in the mud below.
Telling her to stay away from the brown acid was like dangling a carrot.
You might as well have said, “do not press ‘this’ button” when you sit said button down in front of her.
Three days later, she remembered nothing except the clock.
She would always have the clock.


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OLWG#63- One Pill Makes You Larger…

Written for OLWG#63

Alice slowly made her way between the barrows at the Farmer’s Market. She had time to kill. She enjoyed handling the produce, smelling the flowers, and planning her meals for the next few days. She had picked up and was fondling a large, ripe, red tomato when she became aware of a ruckus behind her. She turned and saw a short overweight white rabbit. He was kickin’ up a fuss and wearing a waistcoat as he peered at a large pocket watch through half-moon spectacles. He was also a little bit obese.

“Oh my,” he muttered, “I’ll be late yet again.” He was quickly coming up through the crowd; weaving, bobbing and pushing to get through.

Alice recognized him right away, of course, it had been his hole that she had fallen through all those years ago. She reached out and put her hands on his shoulders, slowing down his forward momentum.

“Rabbit? Is that you?” she asks him. “You’re always in a hurry, always on the run. It’s market day. You shouldn’t have anywhere urgent that you must be today?

“Why, yes! I do,” he replies, “I have a date, you see. Wait! Is that you Mary Ann? Goodness girl, it’s been forever since I’ve seen you. Where on earth have you been?” He looked at his watch again, “Oh my, I’m so late! Mary Ann, could I prevail upon you to run home and fetch my fan and white gloves?”

“I’d be happy to do that for you, Rabbit, but look at your watch first.”

“What?” he asked, “I am looking at my watch. I’m late! I’m terribly late!”

Alice gently reached out and turned the watch right side up for him.

“Look again, Rabbit. You’re not late, you’re early.”

The short, obese rabbit looked down at the timepiece he held in his paw and blinked. He pushed his specs up on his nose, he pulled them back down. He looked through the lenses. He looked over the lenses and then he blinked a few more times.

“Early?” he questioned, “I’m early? Goodness me, this has never happened! Whatever shall I do?

“I know. I’ll stop for tea. Mary Ann, would you like to join me for tea?”

“I’d love to, Rabbit. It’s been years since I’ve gotten really, really small, and I quite fancy the idea of having another go. Lead on, sir.”

The two friends linked arms and one hopped, the other skipped out of the market and down a tiny side street; in search of the white rabbit’s favourite tea shop.

“You are looking lovely, Mary Ann.”

“Why thank you, Rabbit, but I’m not Mary Ann. My name’s Alice.”

“What? Really? Can that be right?”

“Oh, your waistcoat is becoming a bit tattered, sir. I’ve been away for an awfully long time, maybe longer than I had realized. Perhaps I can mend it for you later… “

They turned right at the end of the lane.

This week’s prompts were:

  1. you’re early
  2. always on the run
  3. the way you sleep