OLWG#67- Mom

Word Cloud prompt response written for OLWG#67

I shook the damp coffee grounds from the basket of my old percolator,
once shiny silver and proud,
now scratched from cleaning,
the finish was cloudy.

I had inherited it from my mom and it was the only thing of hers that I had left.
It was the first thing she had bought when she came to this country and it still worked.

She told me that she got it because everyone had one.
She wanted to fit in so she got one too, but honestly, Mom never fit in.

This week’s prompts were in the cloud:



Author: tnkerr

Mostly making things up and writing them down to amuse myself!

4 thoughts on “OLWG#67- Mom”

  1. That is so sad. I don’t think it should be as he has something long lasting of his mother to remember her by, but the fact she never fit in is sad.

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  2. I do remember my Grandmother’s percolator. These coffee machines are making a come back… though you have to be careful not to use to fine of a grind. Some try putting in an additional filter. But I think a thicker grind does well. I enjoyed watching the coffee come up into the clear knob at the top of the pot 🙂

    Fitting in is over-rated. 😉

    It just worked out that I used all the words, some with a slight tweaking. But I’ve been doing Wordles…word lists for a loooong time and I make ’em work. That’s part of the fun, at least for me.

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