“I were with the Admiral at the pole in ‘09. ‘Course he weren’t yet an admiral then.

“It weren’t our first try. First time was Greenland, dogsleds.

“We failed.

“We tried agin thru Greenland and we failed agin.

“We kept trying, three more times, least.

“Thrice we failed.

“The last time we won.

“We wintered on Ellesmere but pushed on at the end of Feb when the weather were right.

Me, Peary, and four Inuit made it in April.

“We knowed we was there when the arrow on me compass spun in circles; round and round, like a top, it spun.

“When we got back home, that bastard, Cook, tried to claim he beat us.

“We knowed he didn’t beat us.

“He couldn’t talk to the compass readings.

“He weren’t never there.

“He weren’t there.”