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OLWG#79- Cabaret

A short piece written for OLWG#79

Wayne shielded his eyes to look out, over the footlights, and into the crowd. He was looking for Karen. He didn’t see her in the crowd. Maybe she didn’t come.

After the show, Wayne was back in the dressing room with the rest of the cast. His red sequined frock was hung on the rack, ready for tomorrow’s matinee. The blonde wig was perched on the table atop a Styrofoam head. Delicates were in the drawer, and the shoes were boxed up. Wayne was sitting with his head in his hands when Steven came in and flopped in the next chair.

“Wayne, there’s a bunch of us going to The Blue Lagoon for drinks. Wanna come?”

“I don’t know, Steven. I should go look for Karen. I’m worried about her. She didn’t come tonight, or at least I didn’t see her.”

“Did you tell her? Did she already know?”

“Yeah, I told her. I don’t think she had any idea. She said that she would consider coming tonight.”

“Oh… maybe you should have eased her into it. Maybe you shouldn’t have sprung it on her. Was she surprised? I mean, hasn’t she ever looked in your closet? Hasn’t she ever opened your underwear drawer?”

“Of course she was surprised when I told her. I don’t always dress this way. She’s never seen me in a dress. She might be having a hard time getting her arms around this whole thing.”

“Your whole thing?” Steven shot back, “You’re a heterosexual who likes to wear women’s clothes, there’s nothing weird about you. And, Karen’s so petite. There’s no way you’d ever be able to fit into her clothes so she doesn’t even have to worry about sharing. If she can’t come to grips with your one little eccentricity then you can always come live with me. I won’t kick you out of bed!”

“Get out of here Steven, you dog. Go to the bar with the guys. I need to find Karen. I like her. I think she might not understand.”

Steven stood and turned towards the door. Over his shoulder he called, “Good luck, Wayne.” and he was gone.

This week’s prompts were:

  1. Of course, she was surprised when I told her
  2. shielded his eyes
  3. the dog flopped