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The Right Bank

  I wrote this for the January 3rd Flash Fiction Challenge

The night was wet.
Not with raindrops, but a heavy mist hanging in the air without ever seeming to fall on the pavement.
Luc moved up the Rue des Barres, away from the river as gargoyles from Église Saint-Gervais watched from above.
Glancing over his shoulder he caught a shimmer illuminated in the single streetlight below.
Only a flickering,
as though the lamplight were refilling a space hastily vacated by whatever he had not seen.
There could be no doubt. They were on to him again.
He quickened his pace and remembered Aubree; her dark hair, and her laughter.

The prompt and instructions were:

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about a character who looks back. It can be a metaphorical reflection or a glance in the rear-view mirror. Who is looking back, and why? Go where the prompt leads.

8 thoughts on “The Right Bank

  1. I’ve recently watched ‘The Seven Percent Solution’ a Sherlock Holmes mystery –
    And your post reminded me of the movie. I hope your Luc can have a similar ending.

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  2. It seems a simple comparison — rain to mist — and yet your description evokes a deep sense of place. That’s setting mastery what you have written, and layered a story upon.

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