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OLWG#84- The Hills

A little something I found amusing and wrote for OLWG#84

Mark was shocked when Rita suddenly paused the game they were playing on the basement TV.

“What the fuck, Rita?” he dropped his controller and glared at his wife.

“Shush, listen,” she said. “I think someone’s at the door.” Then he heard it. Faint knocking sounds floating down the stairs. “I’ll go.” Rita said and she set her controller on the cushion and stood to hustle up the stairs.

Mark leaned back, grabbed his Budweiser and took a long pull on the can. He tried to make out the muffled conversation from upstairs. After a few exchanges that he couldn’t quite discern he heard Rita call.

“Mark… Mark, come on upstairs and meet the new neighbors.”

Mark raised his arms and sniffed his pits. Satisfied he pulled on his tee shirt and bounded up the steps, taking two at a time. When he got to the entryway he saw a blond headed man and a yellow haired woman in conversation with his wife. The strangers both were engaged in animated conversation, poised with hands on their hips, and legs akimbo. They each wore khaki pants, and light blue pull over shirts, of the same hue. Mark cleared his throat and the attention of the group shifted to him.

The blond man immediately extended his hand and introduced himself. “Hi,” he said, “I’m Jack. Jack Hill and this is my wife, Jill. You must be Mark.”

“I am,” Mark said with an unsuppressed grin, “did I hear you correctly? You guys are Jack and Jill? Jack and Jill Hill?”

“You did,” replied Jack, “and, believe me; I think we’ve heard all the jokes.”

There was an awkward silence and then another knock echoed through the hall. Rita leaned around Jill and pulled the door open to an adolescent male who looked a lot like a younger version of Jack.

“Oh,” Jill said, “this is our son.”

“Let me guess,” Mark said as he reached out to shake hands with the young man, “your name must be Bill? Or Gil, right?”

The boy laughed, “No sir, my parents wouldn’t do that to me. I’m Phil. Pleased to meet you.”

At this point Mark laughed out loud, enjoying the levity in his new neighbor’s names. “Do you have a daughter?” he asked, “Is her name Lil?”

“We do have a daughter,” Jill Hill interjected, “her name is Beverly.”

This week’s prompts were:

  1. shush, listen
  2. legs akimbo
  3. Jack and Jill