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OLWG#89- All Day and a Night

Written for OLWG#89

Duffy had a barred window that let sunlight in, but it was not very large and it was placed high on the wall so he couldn’t see much more than the sky when he looked out of it. At night he would lean against the bars, roll a cigarette, and watch the stars as he smoked.

The glimpse of the night sky that he was afforded was one of the only things that brought him a little peace.

“Hey, Duffy,” the CO yelled from down the block. “I can smell your cigarette. Put it out, NOW!”

“Roll up yer window, ye fuck,” Duff hollered back, “I’m trying to shorten me sentence.”

This week’s prompts were:

  1. he leaned back and lit a cigarette
  2. Window to the stars
  3. ulterior altruism


7 thoughts on “OLWG#89- All Day and a Night

      1. I was working on an array of LED’s. The entire thing was about 12 feet square with the rows and columns all spaced about 6 inches apart. The lights were very white (>5000K) and very bright. I wore sunglasses whenever I had the array lit up.

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      2. It’s what a selfie should actually look like. And, a light fixture like that…lighting up a football field, per chance? 😀


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