OLWG#91- Code Name: Scheherazade

Written for OLWG#91

Marney and the Captain sat close to one another in the rear seat of the taxi as it cruised the neighborhoods between Main Street and North Broadmoor. Marney cradled a chrome plated .45 in her lap as they looked for Scheherazade. They’d been driving for almost an hour when Marney glimpsed a splash of colour moving in the park. She nudged the Captain and pointed. He, in turn, leaned forward and spoke to the driver, with a soft voice. The gypsy cab glided to the curb. Marney clasped the door handle. As she pulled the door open she looked back at the Captain and asked,

“Do we really have to kill her?”
“’fraid so, Marney; she knows too much.”

This week’s prompts were:

  1. a gypsy cab glided to the curb
  2. It’s a shame about your future
  3. she knows too much

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