OLWG#88- Eight Seconds

Written for OLWG#88

Esteban Cuarto stood on the plank that ran across the back of the chute.  He crossed himself and said a quick prayer as he climbed up and over. Esteban stood above the animals back and rubbed with his foot to let him know that there was someone there, then slowly and carefully he lowered himself into position, sitting just forward of the flank rope.

Esteban wore a white cotton shirt with pearl snaps up the front and over the two pockets on his breast. Dark brown leather chaps covered his new blue jeans, and an old sweat stained black felt Stetson perched atop the slicked back dark hair on his head.

He positioned his hand in the handle of the bull rope and pulled it tight wrapping it around his hand in such a way that he clutched several layers of rosined line. Then scooched up close to the bull rope and positioned his pointy toed boots just in front of it, checking that the toe-bugs were where they should be. Leaning forward he tucked in his chin and gave a nod to the gateman.

This week’s prompts were:

  1. veinticinco
  2. pointy toed
  3. What do you have against theatres?




Welcome to World History.

My name is Dr. Contreras.

I expect you to know the syllabus; turn your assignments in, on time, and pay attention to the lectures.

There will be no wool-gathering in my class.



  I wrote this for the January 31st Flash Fiction Challenge

Roger stood in the bow and watched the fog roll in. He hunched in his Pea Jacket to stave off the weather. His hands were in his pockets where he clutched a silver flask of brown whisky.

He felt it before he saw it.  He watched it emerge from the haar that obscured visibility to the north. It was an old Soviet boat, running on the surface, twin screws churning the water.

Roger reached for the handset of the sound powered phone, “Bridge – Bow.  Surface  contact  bearing  tree fife  zero,  fife hundred  yards,  moving  left  to  right slowly.”

The prompt and instructions were:

In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about sea mist. How does it create an environment for a story? It can set the stage or take the stage. Go where the prompt leads.