OLWG#92- 蝴蝶双刀

I thought about this one for several days before beginning to write. The prompts were tough this week.

Written for OLWG#92

Black Heart Harriet and Maleficent Meg stood toe to toe, weapons drawn, nerves on edge. Neither trusted the other as far as they could spit. It was midnight and dark at the crossroads where they stood. A torch burning in the snow provided meager illumination.

Harriet was holding her heavy cutlass in both hands. It was pointed low as she waved it in a figure eight pattern. She carried her ‘Hikari’ fighting knife concealed in the folds of her white, organic cotton blouse. The blouse with the lantern sleeves. Harriet looked for an opening.

Meg began to move. The leather bandoliers that she wore crossed across her red Angola sweater moved from side to side, as she circled to her left. She held her Dao with the wickedly curved tip at eye level; higher than Harriet held her weapon. She carried a pair of butterfly swords tucked in at her back and a pistol in her belt.

“Did you bring your Hikari, Harriet?”

“What do you think, Meg?”

“I think that it’ll be mine when we’re done here. It’s a unique blade but it won’t do you any good today.”

Harriet laughed and backhandedly flicked her sabre to test her opponent. Meg leaned back, then and returned the move with her Dao. Harriet stepped to the side and hacked at Meg with her cutlass once again.

This week’s prompts were:

  1. my outfit is entirely vegan
  2. it had to come to this
  3. unique isn’t always useful

Author: tnkerr

Mostly making things up and writing them down to amuse myself!

3 thoughts on “OLWG#92- 蝴蝶双刀”

  1. I get it! Reading back through my posts, I find the real challenge is not just the ability to find the adhesive for 3 separate prompts, but to make it read as though no prompts were used in the first place.

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