OLWG#93- You Have Nothing to Do?

Inspired tonight by Dr. Theodor Geisel to whom I deeply apologize

Written for OLWG#93

I went to the closet
but the closet was
locked. There wasn’t a bell so
I knocked and I knocked.

As I waited I danced
to the song in my head. Kind of regretting
some things that I’ve said. But soon, I
was tripping a light so fantastic, that
the time, it would seem, became quite elastic
I forgot who I was, and what I was doing,
then finally I stopped and I just stood there stewing.

Why wouldn’t anyone
answer the door? Am I so
unwelcome? Am I such a bore?
Maybe they’re out, and no
one’s at home? Should I come back
later or just leave them alone?

I turned from the closet, I turned on my heel
and as soon as I did, I heard someone squeal,
“You can’t leave
that way, no you can’t leave like that.”

I turned back around and I spotted a cat;
who grinned like a Cheshire with a red
and white hat. He scratched his head,
then he looked at his shoe then he asked me,
“Don’t stand there like you’ve nothing to do?
Did you come to hang out? Have some tea and a chat?
Are you just going to leave? Just going to scat?”

This week’s prompts were:

  1. Should I come back later
  2. The closet was locked
  3. Time becomes elastic

Author: tnkerr

Mostly making things up and writing them down to amuse myself!

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