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OLWG#100- One Hundred

 Written for OLWG#100

After hours with no respite, the sound died.

The silence weighed heavily.


Jimmy looked wide-eyed at Marney and swallowed.

She watched his Adam’s apple move up and down.

He licked his lips and turned his attention back outward.

“You know what’s going to happen now,” Marney, matter of factly.

“No, they’re not going to do it. I won’t let them.”

“You can’t stop it.”

“I can try.”

Jimmy picked up a stone, tested its weight in his right hand. He picked up a heavy piece of tree branch that he could use as a club or a bat and swung it with his left.

“I’ll try and distract them,” he said as he looked down the slope, “you try and get around them. If you can make it back to the river, you’ll be golden.”

Marney chose that moment to act. She stood up and waved her arms.

“HEY, ASSHOLES – I’M OVER HERE,” she yelled. Turning she started to run laterally across the slope, away from Jimmy. Under her breath, she said, “Let me get started and then run, Jimmy. You got this.” In an instant, she was gone. The noise picked up again. There was a frenzy from below. They were after her.

Jimmy watched her go and cautiously began moving from rock to rock, making his way back downhill. Soon he could smell the river.

This week’s prompts were:

  1. I won’t let them
  2. the sound died
  3. the crack of noon