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OLWG#101- Feliz Cumpleaños

 This one’s a little late but it’s written for OLWG#101

Guadalupe was preparing a special birthday breakfast for her son, Javier. Una Desayuno especial de cumpleaños. That was what she had gotten him for his birthday. It wasn’t wrapped very well because she didn’t know how to wrap breakfast, but it would be her gift to him. The plan was to wake him when breakfast was almost done so she was surprised to hear him coming down the hallway, but pretended not to notice.

“Mamá?” she heard him whisper from the kitchen door. She turned around.

Javier stood, looking at her, he wore his pyjamas and held his left arm. He dropped it on the kitchen floor.

“What happened, Mi Hijo?” she asked him as she scooped the small arm up off the floor.

“I think I must have slept on it wrong. It fell off.”

“Pobrecito, what are we going to do?” she asked him.

“I don’t know, Mamá. Can you fix it?”

“I’m not sure Hijo,” she said, “let’s have breakfast and see if we can figure it out. Mira, hice Chilaquiles, y Feliz cumpleaños. ”

She handed him back his arm, “Here, take this to the table while I finish. What would you like to drink with this?”

Over breakfast, the mother and son discussed ways to fix his arm.

“I could tape it, or staple it back on.”

“Do you think that would be strong enough, Mamá?”

“Maybe it would be if I used duct tape; but probably not. I could borrow a hammer and some nails from Señor Ramirez, next door.”

They discussed using glue, or some screws or putting on buttons, snaps or even a zipper; but nothing seemed right.

“Can’t you sew it on Mamá?”

“Well, that might work if I use a really tight stitch and if I have some thread that will match your skin. I don’t think you’d want me to sew it on with pink thread, would you? Maybe green?”

“No thank you Mamá.”

Guadalupe checked her sewing basket and found a spool of thread that was almost an exact match and she spent the rest of the morning with Javier sitting on her lap while she sewed his arm back on. It was a wonderful way for Lupe to celebrate his birthday, all that cuddling with her boy, but Javier didn’t have as much fun.

This week’s prompts were:

  1. los pobrecitos
  2. the present was poorly wrapped
  3. bottle of emotions

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