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Titanic, The Maiden Voyage

I wrote this for the May 23rd Flash Fiction Challenge

Birdie stood at the top deck railing smiling and waving; holding her hat in the breeze. Edward stood stoically nearby, as he imagined a new husband should do.

While the crew cast off lines and got underway Birdie turned to Edward, “I’m terrified. What if the weather takes a turn and the ship flounders?”

“Rest assured, darling,” he replied, “We’re aboard the pride of the White Star Line, she’s unsinkable.” They retired to their stateroom, where Birdie remained, panicked, for the duration of the voyage.”

Eight days later the newlyweds disembarked in New York and began their life together.

The prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story without ice. It can be a world without ice or a summer camp that runs out of cubes for lemonade. What does the lack mean to the story? Go where the prompt leads!

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OLWG#103- Dutch Girls, Statistically Speaking

 Written for OLWG#103

When I went to college I had to take a couple of classes on statistics. I didn’t like the course of study very much, but I was able to have fun with it. I had to buy a big old book that was about this thick (see my hands – see how far they are spread apart – yeah, like that). I wrote across the front of the book in heavy block letters, ‘IN CASE OF FIRE THROW THIS IN FIRST’.

One of my classmates, a Dutch girl named Wilhelmina Muis, thought that the wish I had written on the cover of that book was the funniest thing she had ever seen and it prompted her to ask me out. Now Wilhelmina was a slight girl. She had platinum hair and was thin, a wisp of a girl. She wore cat-eye glasses that made her eyes look bigger than they actually were and she fancied tee shirts featuring retro rock-n-rollers. Among others, she had ‘The Doors’, ‘Rolling Stones’, ‘Boston’, and ‘REO Speedwagon’. On the day that she asked me out, she was wearing a faded purple ‘King Crimson’ shirt with the sleeves cut off. It looked good on her. From time to time her black bra strap would slip off her shoulder, and hang loosely on her arm. For some reason I found it fascinating to watch her push it back up in place; then I would wait for it to slide back down.

I jumped at the chance to go out with her and she told me that she’d pick me up outside my dorm at ten thirty that night. She wanted to go to the drive-in and watch the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We sat in the back seat and drank root beers, ate popcorn, and chocolate while we went through the script with the film, “Hi, my name is Brad Majors…” (Asshole!) “…this is my fiancee, Janet Weiss.” (Slut!).

It was the start of a torrid affair. We saw each other all through school. I even proposed during our senior year and offered to take her back to Ohio with me but she refused. I can’t say I blame her. I mean given a choice between Eindhoven and Akron… which would you choose? When she returned to the Netherlands after school she didn’t ask me if I wanted to come.

I still miss her, but I’ve got this cool ‘38 Special’ shirt that she gave me.

This week’s prompts were:

  1. treat him like a sister
  2. In case of fire
  3. getting out of hand