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OLWG#104- Roller Coaster

 Written for OLWG#104

Maddie was a nice girl. She studied hard in school and volunteered as a ‘Candy Striper’ at Mercy. She was a cheerleader, who planned to go to State when she finished High School. She was going steady with Brad. She liked putting on a Richard Nixon mask and robbing ice cream trucks with a butcher knife; then making her escape on foot. She would take only the coins

Brad always said that being with Maddie was like riding a roller coaster. Up and down or side to side – always shaking things up – always entertaining and never boring. He loved her dearly. Maddie didn’t love anyone, she loved things. She loved things like, the adrenaline that coursed through her body during a robbery. She loved the weight of all the money she carried as she listed to one side and made her escape. She loved getting away with it.

She would go to Brad’s, when his parents weren’t home, with her pockets full of coins and spill all the money onto his mother’s brown and orange shag carpet. They would lie together on the money, on the carpet and watch after-school TV until Brad’s mom would come home and invite her for dinner, but she would never stay. Instead, she would head home for dinner with her Dad and her little sister. She’d drop all her coins into the Sparklett’s bottle that she kept in her closet. She was saving up for something; she just didn’t know what yet.

Time passed and the bottle was eventually filled. A problem arose that Maddie hadn’t anticipated. She called Brad

“The bottle’s full. We should celebrate, but I need your help to carry it. It’s too heavy for me.”

The spent the night eating Cheetos and drinking root beer as they counted and rolled the coins. When they were done she had well over seven hundred dollars.

“What’re ya going to do with this money, Maddie?”

“I’m thinking about buying Donny Lawson’s Harley Sportster.”

“Donny won’t sell you his bike. He loves that bike.”

“Donny’s dead.”

“No way, what happened to Donny?”

“Vietnam happened; Donny’s mom got a telegram from the Army last Monday. He’s not coming home.”

“How do you know that?”

Mrs Lawson called her pastor when she got the wire. My dad’s her pastor. I can probably pick up the bike for three or four hundred dollars. She won’t want it around. It’d be too painful and besides, she doesn’t ride. I’ll use the rest of the money to buy books for school. I’m going to take a few classes this Summer.”

Brad looked down and studied his toes, saying nothing.

“What?” Maddie asked him.

“Nothing,” he said.

“No, What?” she repeated.

“Well,” he started, “what about me?”

“What about you?”

“I was hoping you’d share some with me.”

“Tell you what,” she said, “I’ll give you twenty-five bucks and you can buy me a meat cleaver from the Sears Catalog. I think I might look scarier if I was carrying a cleaver instead of a butcher knife when I work. The one I like is only about sixteen dollars and you can keep the difference,” she smiled at him. He continued to pout. “And, I’ll take you out to dinner somewhere nice; maybe the cafeteria at the mall.”

Brad perked up immediately.

Maddie reached over and grabbed his chin, then she planted a kiss right on his lips before pushing him back so she could look at him, “You can get your own damn meat cleaver, though.”

This week’s prompts were:

  1. can we trust them?
  2. Maddie was a nice girl
  3. just another one

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