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Emergency Blow

I wrote this for the June 6th Flash Fiction Challenge

USS Pickrel – Emergency Surface: Photo Courtesy of


Asleep in the bow, I forgot the plan to test the emergency blow system. I woke to the sound of the diving alarm and that shuddering of the hull that accompanies flank speed, and cavitating. We changed trim. The bow rose from a zero bubble to a 40 degree up bubble. We were rising fast when suddenly, BOOM. I heard the 4500 pound air dumping into the main ballast tanks; first the forward tanks then aft.

When the boat broached, the bow raised high above the swells and splashed down. She came to rest on the surface, waters roiling.


The prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that makes a big splash. It can be fluid, or you can play with the idiom (to make a big splash is to do or say something that becomes unforgettable). Go where the prompt leads!

13 thoughts on “Emergency Blow

      1. Sure am. I have been here since the end of April. that’s why my reading and commenting is so spotty. I only have connectivity one hour a day.. But I am loving it here!!! What day do you post your OLWG prompts? I love them…

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      2. Those go live every Sunday morning at 0004 (four minutes after midnight).
        How’s the weather up there? Here in Santa Cruz it’s been in the 90’s for the past few days. We’re not used to this heat.
        Thanks for playing along, liking, and commenting.


  1. I toured a sub once I think… not a whole bunch of room there.
    Hubby likes to watch The Hunt for Red October every time it is on.
    Excellent splash.

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