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OLWG#108- Not All Forevers are Equal

 Written for OLWG#108

Evi opened her eyes, turned her head and looked at the large man lying next to her in the small bed. She knew he was a cop but she couldn’t remember if she had gotten his name. It didn’t matter. He breathed slowly and regularly with his back towards her. She figured he was asleep.

Careful not to wake him, she spun her legs off the bed, eased from under the duvet, and put her feet on the floor. Her dress was there, next to her purse, so she pulled it over her head. It had thin straps, was made of silk, and cut short. Her pumps were next to the bed. She groped around and scoured the floor but she couldn’t find her panties and she hadn’t come in with a bra. She figured she was as dressed as she was going to be. She didn’t want to linger any longer than necessary.

He had left the pre-negotiated 700 guilders on the dresser, she scooped up the cash and was moving toward the door, ready to leave, when she spotted his wallet on his bedside table and his weapon hanging in its holster from the back of the desk chair; a nine. She paused to consider what she was planning. After a while she shrugged her shoulders and removed the pistol from its holster sliding it into her bag. The wallet and car keys were next.

After taking what she could she opened the door a crack and slipped from the room into the corridor. On the lift, she pressed the button for the garage and prayed that she didn’t have to stop at the ground floor. She held her breath as the car slid past the lobby and she stepped out on P1. It took a minute to get her bearings but finally, she ventured left and walked till she spotted his older model BMW, the one had brought her here in. It was a deep black 325i that unlocked without complaint when she pressed the button on the key.

Evi threw her purse on the passenger seat and slid in behind the wheel. She started it and waited a while for the engine to warm up. While waiting she removed the 9 from her bag and concealed it between her leg and the centre console. Turning onto the straat, Evi contemplated her life; she didn’t seem to be living the life that her mother had promised.

Should she try to sell this car or leave it down by the waterfront with the keys in.

This week’s prompts were:

  1. I told you not to throw that egg
  2. even distribution
  3. not all forevers are equal

2 thoughts on “OLWG#108- Not All Forevers are Equal

  1. Oh, I think I get it: It’s like an Easter Egg hunt, right? I have to look around, read between the lines, as it were, to find where the egg prompt is…?

    Liked by 1 person

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