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OLWG#117- In Memory of Katherine Rabine

 Written for OLWG#117

Katherine Rabine was not a normal girl.

She spoke only seldom and seemed always to be in the presence of feathered creatures. All types of birds. Sparrows and dickie birds seemed to hover incessantly. Ravens and crows circled high above. Bright colourful parrots and macaws perched nearby and watched her every move. They protected her.

 Katherine had amazing blue eyes. The iris of her right eye was turquoise; lots of green and lots of blue, with a wee touch of red. it looked like a tropical island sky at midday. Her left eye was different, more an aqua; all green and blue without a trace of red. The colour of Caribbean waters lying over a sandbar.
The pupil on her left was dark and inky. It shone and reflected your image if you peered close enough. It gave the impression that she could see into your soul. The other pupil looked like a void; empty, deep, and bottomless. A hole in the sky for the birds to fly through. A passageway from there to here.
Katherine Rabine was not a normal girl.

The prompts were:

  1. Where the grass grows uphill
  2. A hole in the sky for the birds to fly through
  3. Written in fire