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OLWG#118- The Topless Dancer

 Written for OLWG#118

Donnie tucked the blue and grey polyester shirt into his white bell bottoms and buckled the wide, white double pronged belt. Sitting on the edge of the bed he pulled on his white Stacy Adams’ before checking out his reflection in the mirror. Combing his hair, tucking it behind his ears, he yelled as he rumbled downstairs.

“I’m going out, Mom. Don’t wait up.”

His mother, in the kitchen, took a long drag off her cigarette and stubbed it out in the glass ashtray she had stolen from a motel in Chatanooga. The front door slammed shut and she muttered, “Yeah, yeah, yeah.” She used a fork to turn the fried steak in the pan on the stove.

On the front walk, Donnie looked left and then right before heading right towards 53rd. On the way there, he detoured into Sam’s, where Sam himself stood behind the bar mixing drinks for the Glinskys. The Glinskys lived two doors down from Donny’s Grandpa. He’d known them all his life.

“Donnie,” Sam greeted him, “whats going on?”

“Not much right now, Sam. Good evening Mr and Mrs Glinsky.”

Mrs Glinsky smiled and her teeth slipped a little, “Howsh your mother, Donald?” she lisped as she brought her hand to her mouth.

“She’s fine Mrs Glinsky, just fine.”

“Well, give her our best.”

Turning his attention back to Sam he went on, “We’re doing Brandon’s bachelor party tonight at Teasers.”

“Jeeze, is that place still open?” Sam fired back.

“Teasers will always be open. It’s an institution. Hey, can you break three twenties? I need some dollar bills for the topless dancers.”

“Yeah, sure Donnie. Just get it from the register.”

Donnie held up some twenty dollar bills to show Sam and he punched ‘NO SALE’ on the register. The drawer popped open. He counted out sixty ones, and put a single twenty into the drawer while palming the other two. He slipped those two into his pocket and held up the handful of ones for Sam to see.

“Thanks, Sam,” he said.

“Donnie, have fun, tell Brandon I said congratulations and call me if you need a ride. I don’t want you driving tonight. You hear?”

My time’s up. No time for editing so this is really rough and I didn’t get to finish it. Sorry you get what you get today.

The prompts were:

1. take the blame
2. bell bottoms
3. dollar bills for the topless dancer