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OLWG#124- Billy, Roxanne, and the Pirate

 Written for OLWG#124

He worked with the paper and pencil. The tip of his tongue protruded from the corner of his mouth.

“Whatcha doin’, Billy?”

“I don’t need any help, Roxanne.” He said to his sister, twisting his sketch pad to the left and then back to the right.  He spun his pencil and tapped the rubber on the tabletop. He spun it back then turned the page and found a new blank sheet of paper. He glanced down at his lap.

“What are you trying to do?”

“Get into art school, I’m gonna do it too.”

“You are not, Billy. You’re not old enough for art school.”

“There’s no special age for it, and it’s free”

“No way.”

“Way!” he reached down to his lap and pulled up a sheet of paper, obviously torn from a magazine. He showed it to her, “see, it’s from The Art Instruction School in Minny, Minny apple less. All I gotta do is draw this pirate, and mail it in before the end of the month. I’ll be famous before I’m a teenager.”

Roxanne blew a raspberry into the palm of her hand, “You’re such a dork, Billy. It’s some kind of trick. Can’t you see that?”

He said not a word, but collected his sketch book and pencil. He climbed down off the chair and headed for the hallway. At the last minute he came back and snatched the page from the magazine back off the table. He tucked it between the sheets of his pad. Roxanne watched as he walked down the hallway and into his bedroom. She heard the door close and the lock turn. Shrugging her shoulders, Roxanne picked up the telephone receiver and dialed a number. It was a number that she knew by heart. Humming to herself, she waited while it rung at the other end.

“Oh, good afternoon Mrs Bradford, this is Roxanne Cole. May I speak with Trish please?”

The prompts were:

  1. not a place for good boys / girls
  2. I don’t need any help
  3. The cutest