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OLWG#125- Dancers

 Written for OLWG#125

Trillian had always dreamed of being a dancer. She convinced her father to enroll her in ballet at the tender age of eight and she studied under Miss Jenny until she was twelve. It’s hard for a girl to be raised by a single parent, especially when that parent is a father who knows little about raising girls. He tried hard though.

Starting high school she learned that she could take “Dance” instead of PE. She was all over that option, and took Dance all four years of high school. She learned the history of dancing. She studied the Minuet in 3/4 time, and learned to Waltz. They taught her movements that could be incorporated with jazz music, country music, swing, and rock n roll. She learned dances from South America, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia among others, but everything seemed like only an intro; nothing was covered in any depth.

There was one male in the class; a tall thin boy with long dark hair, and a freckled face named Martin Bacon. He was strong enough to lift, catch and carry any of the girls in class. He could assist with leaps, promenades and supported pirouettes. Trillian was smitten. So were several of the other girls in class.

Trillian fought for him and on the eve or their high school graduation she and Martin eloped. She took his name and was thrilled to be Mrs Martin Bacon.

The young couple couldn’t afford a honeymoon, so Martin got a job right away, at the factory, building sofas and love seats. He was trying to work his way into the design department.

Trillian found herself “with child” when the pair had been married less than a month and her dreams of being a dancer were dashed. By her own calculations Trillian had been pregnant at the wedding. Six months later she gave birth to a 7 pound 11 ounce baby girl. They named the child Faith.

As she grew up – Faith, like her namesake before her, learned to dance; and oh how she could dance. She made her mama proud.

The Original Faith Bacon (1909-1956), la donna più bella del mondo secondo Florenz Ziegfeld, è stata in origine l’ideatrice della fan dance.

The prompts were:

  1. Miss Jenny
  2. there has to be a better way
  3. the lady with the fan