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OLWG#127- Eberardo Arcidiacono

This piece was inspired by La visione della bellezza, written by Violet at her site, “Thru Violet’s Lentz”

This is also a second take written for OLWG#127

Aaron Brown shuffled the papers on the desk in front of him when the copy boy scuttled in from off camera and laid a new sheet down, on top of all the others. Aaron glanced briefly at it and his eyes got wide. Then he cleared his throat and, in his most professional voice, began to read…

“I’ve just been handed a breaking news story out of Las Vegas. Eberardo Arcidiacono, alleged head of the notorious Arcidiacono family has been shot and killed this afternoon by the pool of his hotel/casino. Reports are that a beautiful assassin, wearing a tiny, shiny blue bikini is the alleged assailant, and that security cameras apparently caught footage of her getting away. A massive police search is now ongoing.

“Witnesses have told reporters that no one saw the gun prior to the shooting. No one knows how  the killer got so close to her target, or where she had the gun hidden prior to the shooting because, there are not a lot of places to conceal a weapon when  one is wearing only a tiny bathing costume.”

At that moment the copy boy crouched and made his way back onto the set where he placed another piece of paper on the desk in front of Aaron.

Grabbing the new sheet, Aaron continued to read, “Witnesses now tell us that the alleged killer had the gun in her hand the entire time she was out by the pool. She was able to slip past the Arcidiacono bodyguards because, of course, no one was looking at her hands.  Channel 7 is currently working to get the images from the hotel security cameras. Film at eleven.”

The prompts were:

  1. a shiny blue bikini
  2. slide trombone
  3. Tahoe mud

9 thoughts on “OLWG#127- Eberardo Arcidiacono

  1. Well you can bet every man within earshot will be glued to the tv when they do get the photos! Excellent story telling, and thanks for the link back to my story! Mobster stories never get old…

    Liked by 2 people

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