The Lonely and Bitter Man

Written for this challenge – Thank you Peter

You think me beneath you, I’m one you despise
You spurn my advances, damn your eyes.

I bared myself seeking acceptance from you,
But scoff and sneer is all you do, damn your eyes.

You are the treasure I’ve longed to find
You remain aloof, you remain unkind, damn your eyes.

I’ve made you immortal with my verse
I’m met with contempt -my name you curse, damn your eyes.

I spent my bitter life without you, alone
Now I laugh as I dance, round your headstone, damn your eyes.

The prompts were:

  1. This was literally the worst thing that ever happened to me…
  2. Your eyes.

4 thoughts on “The Lonely and Bitter Man

  1. Funny isn’t it the people we choose to ruminate over? Use as inspiration? Make choices to please? Although I don’t know if this is fact or fiction, it could be true. And for someone it probably is. Nicely done.

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  2. The fortunes of the love lorn…
    I can also see my grandparents… at least on set – the on that did (at the time) a taboo divorce because ‘he’ had ‘damn’ roving eyes.
    I do haiku to : /ochiba


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