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OLWG#130- 90 point 7

This  was written for OLWG#130

The smooth voice of Eugenia Ricks, host of Jazz Flavours, washed over me as the music faded out behind her.

“You’re listening to WVAS, 90.7 on your FM dial. This is Eugenia and that was the Pennywhistle Band performing their version of “The Swallowtail.”

WVAS is a Montgomery Station but you can pick it up in Selma. Eugenia and I live in Selma. She commutes to Montgomery every day to do her show and all the other work that a radio personality has to do as well. She does appearances, she does a lot of paperwork, she mans the phones (maybe I should say that she womans the phones). I followed her here from Fargo when she got the job. I write code. I can work from anywhere and honestly, I’d follow Eugenia everywhere.

Love’s the word I’m searching for, love’s the word.

The prompts were:

  1. Pennywhistle Band
  2. followed her to Selma
  3. love’s the word

8 thoughts on “OLWG#130- 90 point 7

  1. You see, TN, warped person that I am, I interpreted the story in a different direction. A moment of background: As a kid, I didn’t know Sting’s “Every Breath You Take” was a stalker song. I (like many people) responded to the song as a song dripping with seeming pathos and the driving, memorable bass line, etc. So, I learned the artist’s interpretation and, perhaps through that lens, I’m seeing this innocent little story could POSSIBLY be interpreted that way, TN. Which is another way of saying, I’d like to see more of these characters’ story. Nothing you’ve done foreshadows my reading, per se, just that “Eugenia and I live in Selma”–not ‘Eugenia and I share an apartment’ or ‘we live in a home together,’ etc. And that a lot of this story is visual-based or could be done from afar (like the listening to the radio show) that it lends itself to being voyeuristic, or almost so. He (presumably a he) is watching her do these things, listening to her, following her. Nothing leads me to conclude that she shares his feelings. Anyway, there it is. My weird (mis)reading of probably a realistic and feel-good story!


    1. Leigh, first of all let me put your mind at ease. I wrote this as a feel-good story. Now let me say that I kinda love that you brought this alternative interpretation to my attention. It illustrates just how easy it is to reach a conclusion that may not have been intended. Maybe I need to try this again. Stay tuned and let me know if I do a better job next.


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